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I am a third-year PhD student in the Algorithms, Combinatorics, & Optimization (ACO) program at Georgia Tech. I did my undergrad in Electrical & Computer Engineering, also at Georgia Tech.

I am fascinated by the study of intelligence, both biological and artificial. My research on this topic focuses on a few questions:

Outside of research I love music, which is doubtlessly thanks to many years of training in piano performance and composition at the Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas where I studied under Dr. Bret Serrin. I also enjoy cooking, reading (science fiction & world history in particular), and the great outdoors.



Assemblies of neurons learn to classify well-separated distributions (Presentation recording)

with Christos Papadimitriou & Santosh Vempala


Drop, Swap, and Generate: A Self-Supervised Approach for Generating Neural Activity

with Ran Liu, Mehdi Azabou, Chi-Heng Lin, Mohammad Gheshlaghi Azar, Keith Hengen, Michal Valko, & Eva Dyer

Mine your own view: Self-supervised learning through across-sample prediction

with Mehdi Azabou, Ran Liu, Keith Hengen, Eva Dyer, et al.


Learning with plasticity rules: Generalization and robustness

with Rares Cristian, Christos Papadimitriou, & Santosh Vempala

Comparing high-dimensional neural recordings by aligning their low-dimensional latent representations

with Konrad Kording & Eva Dyer


Barycenters in the brain: An optimal transport approach to modeling connectivity

with Eva Dyer

Hierarchical optimal transport for multi-modal distribution alignment

with John Lee, Eva Dyer, & Chris Rozell

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